• City: / United Kingdom 
  • Travel availability: worldwide 
  • Languages: English 
  • Age: 24 
  • Height: 158 
  • Weight: 54 
  • Hair color: brown 
  • Eye color: brown 
  • Natural breast: Yes 
  • Tattoo/Piercings: No 
Members Club only
  • Search for Sugar Daddy:yes 
  • Search for Marriage:yes 
  • Search for submissive sponsor:no 
  • Monthly Budget Expectations:20.000 € 
Book Model Description



Final Bid: 1.500.000 Euro.

Buyer: Politician from London. Second highest bid: football player from London 1.2 Million Euro. Third highest bid: businessman from Miami 1 Million Euro. (Names of bidders are always treated confidential)

Further the buyer is open to become a sugar daddy and support Lia financially with a monthly budget of 20.000 Euro as a sugar girl. 

Lia spoke to Cinderella Escorts about her reasons for selling her innocence:

"I want to sell my virginity through Cinderella Escorts because I would eventually like to start my own property portfolio and establish my own business without the burden of finding captial. I would also like to move closer to the city in a safer neighbourhood and be able to work in my graduated field without financial stress. I also want my family to be taken care of & to enjoy some of my own passions like dancing and writing. I completely understand that this is my body & look forward to having this very special exchange with someone."

Statement Lia regarding the sucess of her virginity auction:

" I am looking forward to the night together and am happy to have auctioned my virginity through Cinderella Escorts. I would never have expected so much money and it proves that I took the right step. Even though I don't deal much with politics, I am looking forward to exciting conversations with the buyer and a passionate night. Having read that several women have already auctioned their virginity through Cinderella Escorts, I have taken the courage to do what I want with my body and feel good to be able to do whatever I want. I think being allowed to sell his virginity was a taboo in our society and was broken by this new trend to sell his virginity. It is an important step towards emancipation."

Statement Cinderella Escorts:

" When our platform offered an escort service, this had already arrived in society. 10 years ago, however, this service was still strongly frowned upon. But when we first auctioned off the virginity of a young woman, it was a huge scandal. No one wanted to allow a woman to decide for herself with whom and for what reasons she had her first time. Virginity was considered sacred and was a way of oppression. Women were forced for centuries to maintain their purity and were stamped immediately when they lost it. It is true that a movement of emancipation and the associated loosening of social views for women began before us in Europe, whereby she was allowed to lose her virginity even before marriage. However, we have helped to completely eradicate this issue and, when we read the numerous comments in the media, we realise that it has finally been accepted that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body. It was one of the last taboos of our time. "

Press Request for Interviews: [email protected]

Should a woman be allowed to decide for herself what to do with her body? If you could turn back time. Would you spend your first time with the same guy again, or would you rather prefer to get 1.5 million euros instead? Discuss on Twitter under the hash tag #cinderellaescorts#itsyourbody#itsyourchoice

Premium Services:

Besides selling her virginity she is also looking for a Sugar Daddy or wants to find a rich man to marry.  She also wants to get financial support by a submissive sponsor without sex.

In addition, you can meet virgins for a dinner date and get to know them before you place a bid.

This offer and all other premium services are only available to our members. Read more under Memberclub on Cinderella Escorts.

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