Cinderella Franchise


Cinderella Escorts is the best known escort agency in the world according to all media worldwide.

More than 1000 pretty escorts work for us worldwide.

But the model of the escort service is outdated. Clients don't want to meet an unknown woman and risk losing their money if they don't like her or if she is not likeable.

Cinderella Escorts has revolutionized the escort game.

The customer can visit one of the Cinderella Clubs spontaneously and get to know a lady with a champagne or celebrate with several ladies. If he likes one, he can take her directly with him. What are the arguments for a franchising with Cinderella Escorts?

1. we take over the advertising for your club. Our site is visited by millions of visitors and offers us the opportunity to make your club well known. The brand Cinderella Escorts is known worldwide.

2 Up to 150 of the Cinderella Escorts ladies will visit your club daily.

3. We organize parties in your club with our celebrity escorts such as cover playmates and porn stars.

4. Cinderella Escorts has a member club for rich customers. These clients like to meet for member parties in the Cinderella Clubs.

5 We have an already tested concept for a successful club.

Yes! You have understood correctly. We provide the women, we make your club world-famous and we give you our concept.

Do you bring the necessary know-how and capital to unite our resources? Then get in touch with us!


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