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Cinderella Escorts lists a selection of dominant mistresses. Among them you can find young femdoms and beautiful goddesses.

Become a paying pig and pay for your queen's life.

Find abusive mistresses looking for paying pigs.

Our ladies love to take advantage of men financially and get financially supported. In our selection you will find women who like to exploit men financially or who are looking for a long-term relationship with a submissive slave.

Some ladies are also interested in a permanent relationship with submissive men with a high income. 

You can find the monthly budget a lady expect on her profile.

Pay pigs pay 50% of the budget in advance to the agency. Another 20% of the total amount must be paid to the dominant lady at the beginning of the first date in cash. The pay pig spends the remaining 30% of the budget over the month. This can be discussed individually with the sugar girl.


Find paypig

Find a long-term sponsor with Cinderella Escorts. Our member club provides successful businessmen with a submissive personality who are just waiting to support a beautiful lady.

The focus is on the fetish of being exploited. The men love to give more than they get. And you profit from it. They pay for your shopping, they carry your shopping bags and order you gifts online. 

You want him to pay for your breast surgery? No problem!
You want to earn money without sex? To be paid for pure companionship? Are you dominant and bitchy? An arrogant diva? Do you like to exploit submissive men for your purposes and don't want to work for your money? A man should be happy if he can kiss your feet for his money because you look incredibly hot?

Then apply to Cinderella Escorts and find a pay pig. 


Normal 50 � monthly (One year package)
  • Get access to Sugar Dating, Marriage Dates, Paypig and Member Parties. 
  • See pictures of women covering their faces on the website. 
Silver 10.000 � annual
  • Get invited to one of our exclusive Parties and meet our Playmates, Porn Stars, Models and many other High Class Escorts. 
  • Meet two random sugar girls every month for dinner and get to know each other
  • Get access to exclusive virginity auctions just for members
  • Meet 1 Virgin for Dinner
Gold 20.000 � annual
  • Be our VIP Guest on one of our Cinderella Escorts Partys.
  • Have a random dinner date with one of our Top Member Girls every month.
  • Travel on two weekends with two different sugar girls of your choice
  • Meet 4 Virgins for Dinner. 
  • Get access to exclusive virginity auctions just for members
Platin 30.000 � annual
  • Join two Cinderella Escorts Parties every year as VIP guest and meet celebrity women.
  • Meet 20 women who are interested in marriage for dinner. 
  • Travel with 4 sugar girls on four weeks. One week each.
  • Get access to exclusive virginity auctions just for members.
  • Join our Virgin Party with three live virginity auctions each party.
  • Get access to book exclusive celebrities not listed on our website.

Join Member Club

Questions asked joining the member club must be truthfully answered. 
Screening is required for joining our member club. 
We reserve the right to reject applications for membership without naming any reasons. We treat your data absolutely confidential. In addition, we grant that your data will not reach third parties.

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