• Home area:
  • City: 
  • Travel availability:worldwide 
  • Age:18 
  • Height:178 
  • Weight:55 
  • Hair color:brown  
  • Eye color:green 
  • Natural breast:Yes 
  • Tattoo/Piercings:No 
  • Interrests:Fitness 
  • Food:Greek 
  • Drinks:Orange Juice 
  • Perfume:Dior 
  • Flowers:Roses 



Final Bid: 700.000 Euro.

Buyer: Business-Man from Germany

Kims Statement:

After a short time I was able to sell my virginity through Cinderella Escorts. The meeting will soon be held in Germany. Cinderella Escorts organizes the hotel and accompanies me to the meeting.

In the case that problems arise they remain nearby and I can cancel the meeting at any time. However, I have a good feeling that everything will be good. The buyer seems to be at least on the phone sympathetic. He also speaks German. So there is little room for misunderstandings.

Despite criticism in the press, the majority of people thought that I was allowed to do what I wanted with my bod?y. And let's be honest. How many would not undo their first time for 700,000 euros and sell it instead.


Cinderella Escorts Statement:


Cinderella Escorts is not just worlds most famous Escort-Agency. We are also the only platform on which girls can successfully auction their virginity. In addition to approximately 200 escorts every day, also around 30 Virgins apply on our Website every day. They are from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America per day. Of Arab countries and Asian.

Cinderella Escorts leaves only a small fraction of these women on our website because a long process takes place before. A psychologist ensure that the girls do not have any psychological problems and are fully aware of their desires. 

The girls all have condom sex. We organize the hotel, remain nearby for the case that problems arise and the girl can cancel the date at any time.

There are girls who are looking for a buyer for their virginity on their own. Since it is safer to run this over our platform.

Even for the escorts, we try our best to give no chance for pimps and therefore only accept single women. Escorts at Cinderella Escorts earn up to 2000 euros for 2 hours and more than 5000 for one night. Celebritys, on the other hand, can already reach 50,000 euros for one night. No comparison, however, according to demand in Virgins, where we can reach sums in the million range.


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