• City: /  
  • Travel availability: worldwide 
  • Languages: English 
  • Age: 23 
  • Height: 170 
  • Weight: 48 
  • Hair color: brown 
  • Eye color: brown 
  • Natural breast: Yes 
  • Tattoo/Piercings: No 
Members Club only
  • Search for Sugar Daddy:yes 
  • Search for Marriage:no 
  • Search for submissive sponsor:no 
  • Monthly Budget Expectations:5.000 € 
Book Model Description

Franceska is 23 years old and a Virgin! Of course Cinderella Escorts checked up her Virginity with a Doctor.

But the Buyer has also the possibility to check her up again with a doctor of his trust.

Franceskas Virginity will be sold just on Cinderella Escorts. The minimum Offer for a Bid: 50.000 Euro.

Why Franceska is selling her Virginity?


"I am selling my virginity on Cinderella Escorts because I want to study abroad. In my country the career that I want to pursue doesn’t exist. Not only do I want the money to study but also I want to be able to work in my dream job setting. Living in another country is far from cheap and I want to be able to focus on my education and my future, not how I am going to pay for day-to-day living.

I don’t want to ask my parents for help. They are not in a financial situation to be able to help me. Many people may not agree with what I am doing but you have to ask yourself: If you were able to secure your future like this would you do it if you could go back and change things?"

The Date takes place in Germany. The Buyer can choose a Hotel here, where Sofia will Visit him for a Night.

If you want to buy the Auction authentic her Virginity please send us an E-Mail to:

[email protected]

The Press also can reach us on this E-Mail.

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