• City:Stockholm / Sweden 
  • Travel availability: worldwide 
  • Languages: English 
  • Age: 34 
  • Height: 161 
  • Weight: 55 
  • Hair color: brown 
  • Eye color: brown 
  • Natural breast: No 
  • Tattoo/Piercings: Yes 
Members Club only
  • Search for Sugar Daddy:yes 
  • Search for Marriage:yes 
  • Search for submissive sponsor:no 
  • Monthly Budget Expectations:20000 € 
Book Model Description

This model provides escort in Stockholm.

I am that elegant sophisticated luxurious, high-class, exotic beauty that you will crave more and more. I high expectations and I demand only the best. You will treat me like your queen and I will show you how to spoil your goddess right. 

Sexual wise your not getting any sex from me but if you are a good gentleman I’ll let you eat my pussy like a pussy pleaser that you are, in the beginning only smell the beauty of my pussy and look at my tattoo I have on it, you are gonna do what I tell you and you better be good at it, I’m a diva who like to get pleased my way and I will tell you how, I will always be in control in any aspect of your life and tell you what to do. 

You will also get the pleasure of massaging my feet, lick my ass but that’s about it, you will want and crave more and I seek pleasure in you suffering sexually because you are not gonna get pleased enough.

Cinderella Escorts lists this luxury companion on Escort in Stockholm, but she is available worldwide.

Pricing Gold

1 hour 500 €
2 hours 700 € 
4 hours 1000 €
6 hours 1200 €
12 hours 1500 €
24 hours 2500 €
48 hours 3000 €
3 days 3500 €
7 days 7500 €
14 days 15000 €
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