• City: /  
  • Travel availability: worldwide 
  • Languages: English 
  • Age: 18 
  • Height: 180 
  • Weight: 50 
  • Hair color: black 
  • Eye color: brown 
  • Natural breast: Yes 
  • Tattoo/Piercings: No 
Members Club only
  • Search for Sugar Daddy:no 
  • Search for Marriage:no 
  • Search for submissive sponsor:no 
  • Monthly Budget Expectations: € 
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Final Bid: 2.300.000 Euro.

Buyer: Business-Man from Hong Kong

Press Request: [email protected]

Exposing the dirty campaign of Virgin Alexandra

We  will discover Alexandra as a big  fake by simply inform our  Viewers  about the facts:

1. Alexandra claim that we  never sold her virginity. She claim we agreed with her about doing a marketing strategy. Screenshots discover our conversation with Alexandra from Tuesday, 21 March, 2017 showing that her virginity was sold and she was waiting to date the client. (Info: The Screenshot are from 2017 when we sold her. This year  the 21 March was a Wednesday)

2. Video proves that this Screenshots are real and no fake.

3. Another Screenshot discover that Alexandra was kicked out by Cinderella Escorts after we found out that she have a boyfriend. We kicked her out just a  few days before the date. Her boyfriend is romanian rapper. If this guy is her pimp and wanted to benefit from the money, Alexandra  would get  with  the auction is unclear. What is clear ist that our  rules are that  we don't sell the  virginity  of  a woman  who has  a boyfriend and therefore  decided to kick her out.

4. Alexandra claim the  bad image of selling her virginity destroyed  her life. Currently Alexandra works as Stripper:

5. Alexandra claim after her public attention she felt that horrible that  she  wanted to commit suicide and she is happy that the media stopped  talking about her. Recently she decided she want people talk about her, selling her virginity again and started  to do interviews about it.

6. Alexandra try to make money with this campaign: 

" contacted Ms Khefren for comment but she requested €500 ($800) for a phone interview." 

7. Alexandra claims the name Jan Zakobielski is just an alias. Another man run the agency. Cinderella Escorts upload official documents from german goverment. This documents show that  Cinderella Escorts is run and operated by Mr. Jan Zakobielski. Also the copyrights for the brand are  saved by Mr. Jan Zakobielski.

8. Alexandra claims she was angry with cinderella escorts. She say that her plan was to become a famous model.. But just especially in the  uk. She say she is angry that cinderella escorts made her fame also in other countrys than the  uk and that she could never imagine this will happen after she decided to  make an interview in one of europes biggest  tv shows.

9. Alexandra expose that cinderella ESCORTS work with sex workers. Cinderella ESCORTS work  officially with sex workers. Virgins are just one part of our website. Our main topic are Escorts/Sex workers. Thanx to Alexandra for discovering  this secret which is officially written on our  website.

10. Alexandra started her campaign against us through porn websites.

11. Alexandra claim that she lied to all the world. She claim that she  don't lie this time.

12. Alexandra is facing already facing legal consequences regarding  her lies by Cinderella Escort's lawyers. 

Cinderella Escorts Statement:

If Alexandra is angry with us because  she  lost 2 Million after our decision,

angry with herself because she was "smart" enough to post pictures of her and her boyfriend online before she met  the client,

just trying to make make money with paid interviews,

try to become famous as model again


try to make her boyfriend more famous as rappe

We  don't know for  sure. Maybe  a mix of  all that reasons.

We can not watch into the brains of women when they apply. But we can have a high security system to discover all fakes before they sell it.

Let us  mention our positive  examples:

1. Lolita was the first. A russian girl who tried her virginity with her friend ariana:

Lolita from russia got bought by a russian business-man for 700.000 who after married her. He was around 30 years older than her but they liked each other obviously and decided to stay together. Of course a lot of man wish to marry a virgin. We have this request a lot.

2. Ariana from russia sold her virginity also to a russian business-man. For her it took long time as her english was not good. But after over one year she finally sold it for 250.000 Euro.

3. Giselle from usa sold her virginity for a record number and now is travelling the world.  It made also headlines.

4. Jasmin from uk is the last virgin we sold. It looks like she and the buyer of her virginity really like each other and they already got to know each other. He is a famous Hollywood Actor. Before he already had placed a bid for giselle but was outbid by another one. Maybe they will start a relationship. Jasmin told me she is really interested in him.

5. At the moment we are on a good way to sell the virginity of the australian women. Talking with a rich bidder at the moment and will keep you informed.

At the moment Mr Jan Zakobielski is writting a book which will go into details of all the storys of these virgins and a lot more including interviews with them.

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