Cinderella Escorts Experience: Celebrity Parties

   27. Feb. 2023
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Cinderella Escorts Experience: Celebrity Parties

Ksenia, a model from Tel Aviv, told the British magazine "The Mirror" in 2019 while explaining about her experience with Cinderella Escorts, how she was invited to a secret sex party via Cinderella Escorts and met a famous soccer star from the English Premier League. The party is reported to have taken place on a yacht.(1)

Moreover Anna, a model from Lithuania had a even wilder experience with cinderella escorts at a celebrity party. 
As reported by TheSun, she partied until 9 am at a celebrity party hosted by the agency.
In the end, 600 champagne bottles were said to have been opened. 
Often so Anna is flown in to the parties in a private jet. (2)

In an interview with the Dailystar, the boss of Cinderella Escorts explained more about the celebrity parties. 

He was quoted: “We rent extravagant locations such as a big villa or even a palace.

“Than we let fly around 30 top escorts to the party.

“That means playmates, international models, Hollywood actresses or just very beautiful normal escorts.

“We make sure that any escort signs a contract not to talk about this party and they are not allowed to take pictures.

“Of course we tell our girls that they will get paid more to go to a room for some private time if any of the football players ask her.”(3)

In another article, the Daily Star explained the conditions for members to attend celebrity parties:

"Entry to the sexy soirées are free, but members must prove they have a minimum net worth of £10,000,000 and pay a yearly fee of £30,000 in order to get an invite."

One lady who stated she regularly attends Cinderella Escorts celebrity parties stated:

 “Of course it comes to sex but I wouldn’t call it a sex party because guests like to drink champagne with us.

“I love to meet many successful people, at such parties you meet politicians, footballers and Hollywood stars.

“Of course such men have needs and want to get to know women discreetly.”(4)

"I was wearing a bikini as we were at a yacht party. We celebrated and drank champagne in a Jacuzzi and I started giving him a hand j**," she told the Daily Star.

"He and I then went to a room where we could be alone and we had sex.

"I earned around €7500 with him that night through champagne chats and sex," she added.

Of the parties, the brown haired beauty told Daily Star Online: “I love to meet successful people at such parties.

“You meet politicians, footballers and Hollywood stars.”(5)

In an interview the boss of cinderella escorts explained the parties further:

 “We rented extravagant locations such as a big villa or even a palace.

“Then we organised a party for the top European teams from the UK, Spain and Germany.

“These parties are that popular that we are booked out every weekend.”

During these parties, the boss of the agency explained the girls could expect to have sex with ten people in one night.

He said: “They join the stars by drinking champagne with them in a jacuzzi for example or having a private time with them.

“A girl can have about 10 clients in just one night at the sex parties.

“If a girl is not experienced to work with celebrities or having ten guys a night we cannot accept her for these exclusive parties.


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