• Home area:Moscow/Russia 
  • City:Moscow 
  • Travel availability:worldwide 
  • Age:22 
  • Height:170 
  • Weight:52 
  • Hair color:brown 
  • Eye color:brown 
  • Natural breast:Yes 
  • Tattoo/Piercings:No 
  • Interrests:Art, Reading, Movies 
  • Food:Pasta, Salmon, Vegetables, Seafood 
  • Drinks:Fruit Tea 
  • Perfume:Gucci Guilty 
  • Flowers:Roses 



"I am smart, sexy, young woman. I consider that it’s important always to be in a good mood so I am 😄; I have higher education in the sphere of arts and humanities, but I’m also interested in marketing. I love animals and nature, I’m concerned on ecological problems🍃. I love classical music 🎼, especially Bach’s compositions and several works of Stravinsky. My adoration of classical culture takes roots from my teenage years when I took opera classes (I wonder to be an opera diva 🎭) and read a lot of books, my favorite one is “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoevsky. But no wonder my preference is contemporary art 🎨😃 
I’m also keen on films 🎬 by the way, my specialization is Cinema Art. I like Lars von Trier’s director works, selective movies of Tarkovsky, Gaspar Noe, Xavier Dolan.  
I assume physical trainings systemize and help you to diversify, so I’m trying to have workouts regularly. But even if I haven’t ones, I’m still beautiful 🤗 My friends call me a witch 🧙‍♀ because I don’t ever care about being on diets. By the way I really like to have workouts because they bring me pleasure.🤤
I adore to have fun😍, and to get joy so I think everything you do should give you ones. 
I was grown in East Siberia and sometimes there was cruel cold winters, so they made me firstly mentally strong ❄ 💪🏻 and secondly not being afraid of taking difficulties. 😄 I’m beauty living in Russia so my English can be imperfect but I’m cute and fun and people around me get my inner nuclear energy 😁 Moreover I adore to gift it because I believe our world is constructed on harmony so you will got that equal energy from the world that you gave first."


Pricing for New Ladies

2 hours: € 700
4 hours: € 1.000
6 hours: € 1.200
12 hours: € 1.500
24 hours: € 2.500
48 hours: € 3.500
3 days: € 4.000
7 days: € 7.500
14 days: € 15.000