Luxury Packages

Privat Jet

Cinderella Escorts has High Standarts for our Clients. You want to travel with your Escort via Privatjet or the Escort you booked lives in another Country but you want to see her spontanious or offer her luxury from beginning. No Problem! Just contact us and we can make you and an individual Offer.


Lets imagine the situation you stay in Munich but your favorite Escort is in Berlin. You are just for a day there and want her to be on your site. Not tomorrow. Now! No Problem :) Cinderella Escorts offer you the possibility to book a Helicopter for your Escort. Just contact us.

Luxury Cars

Super Models love Super Cars! You want to visit the City with your Escort? There is no better Feeling for a Man than driving around with a brand new Bugatti, Ferrari or Lamborghini while having a Supermodel sitting next to you. Cinderella Escorts gives you the chance to rent very easily the Dream Car you wish.  Just contact us for a individual Offer.